Back To The Grind


Oh how I long to be lingering once more by the cool mist bellowing from the falls.  There is such a calmness that invades your very being when sitting in the silence of nature.  The silence that tells a thousand tales within a single push of the breeze that waves the leaves across each other.  The wisp of a tiny flying creature whisking by on its duties.  The rustle off in the distance harbored by some fallen trees.  The world is a magical place if we open our eyes to it.

Vacation.  What can I say?  It is always a ton of work to go camping.  This is especially true when you have 4 young children tagging along.  We made it.  Through thunder storms, racoon, bugs, snakes, and every other little thing that always seems to pop up at the worst possible time.  What do you do?  Roll with it.  It may not have been physically relaxing, but my spirit was renewed.  We drove away, each of us, with a little sadness in our hearts that our time off in the woods had to come to an end.  Tears even flooded the eyes and eventually dripped down the tiny cheeks of my little darlings who couldn’t understand why we needed to go.  My heart is full and I am glad for it.  My children made me exceptionally proud during our trip.  Between the hikes, the heat, the animals, crazy storms, and everything else they went through they never wavered.  They trusted my word and overcame their fears.

I didn’t loose any weight on the scale this past week.  Although, I do see more definition in my legs.  I think that it may be time to start devising a little more specialized workout to tone certain areas.  My biceps really just do not match my legs since I joined Hogwarts Running Club.  My flabby skin could use some tending to.  I believe it may be time to invest in finding a bench press of some sort and weights.  Would anyone like to donate a bowflex and a treadmill?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.

This coming week I’ve made no specific plans except to go with how it feels each day.  I don’t want to over do it, but I want to get out there with the kids if the weather permits it and ride some bike with them at the very least.  I know the warm weather will not last forever and in a blink of an eye they will all be sitting inside wishing they could be outside yet again.

Side note: The Storm That Never Came DID actually come.  The next day was a thunderstorm adventure.  Packed with wind, flooding, and falling trees we made it through and still cooked dinner over the fire.

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The Sedentary Momma



Adventure Awaits!


Monday morning, yet again.  Today I wasn’t greeted with crusty eyes who just can’t open.  Instead, I found myself slammed in the face with anticipation.  I am reminded of how it felt as a child before we took our big family vacation.  The best part is we’re about to take our family vacation.  Even better yet, this fabulous family vacation isn’t to a hotel or resort where you’re halfway pampered and spend a million dollars eating out devouring horrible dietary garbage for the convince.  No, we’re going camping.  The place where every moment is an opportunity to share something I deeply love with my children.  Nature.  I have some grand ideas floating around in my mind of how this week semi roughing it will go, but I’m attempting to keep my expectations on the low.  My only goal is to teach my oldest 2, at the least, how to use a flint and steel to make a fire and some basic wilderness first aid.  To which I hope to the Lord in heaven we never use.

Clay face painting and beading aside I do look forward to getting in some serious movement this week.  I find it unfortunate that there will be no internet to pass along my miles to CharityMiles and none of it will even count for anything other than my own personal gain, but I’m glad for it none the less.  Let me not forget to pack the sunscreen…

And the Aloe for when it doesn’t work.

My recap of the week isn’t grand in my eyes.  I managed to take my youngest two on a few biking adventures to which I rekindled my love for it once again.  I believe the remaining days of our summer and into the fall weekends we will continue to explore that as a family option for exercise and time spent together.  I pushed myself a little to hard, though.  I neglected to pay attention to what I was eating and didn’t consume quite enough.  This led to me feeling very ill for the latter part of my days.  Once I finally realized my mistake I worked hard on rectifying the problem.  I can say I fully enjoyed my ice cream and cookie binge day.  I had been holding onto too much and was weighing in higher than I should be.  Pleased I can say that the scale, even with some residual water retention, has left me sitting at 139lbs.

Pang the gong.  Ring the bells.  Shout it from the roof tops.  I finally weigh, when not retaining water, under 140lbs!  Getting to this point has been one of the hardest struggles I’ve faced during this process.  Many days and weeks have haunted me with whispers of “You’re done loosing.  It isn’t going to happen.  You’re stuck, face it, forget it, and move on from it.  Just quit now, you look good enough if you tell people you have 4 kids.” etc.  I stuck to it, though.  I realize in retrospect that a portion of my seemingly stall-out period was a reallocation of fat to muscle.  I can run faster and go longer than I could a month ago.  For that, I am immensely proud of myself and can see the fruit even if it isn’t on the scale.  On top of that I was forced to buy a new pair of jeans a size smaller.  A blessing for my goals and a curse for my wallet.

Here is to continuing to strive forward towards my goals of better health and fitness.  Even when the rough times come, I’m ready to leap the hurdles.  I’m currently looking towards a 4 mile run I’m still hoping to find a sponser for, and who knows what every adventures await the coming days.  I know for certain, I won’t stop moving.

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Am I Busy Enough?



I skipped last Monday.  I was away and decided to spend my time with the people I was with, instead of sneak off to write this time.  I had a very relaxing time away from home.  It got pretty crazy when I got back, though.  Thankfully I was able to continue my diet choices thanks to the graciousness of my friends who made some of my recipes while we were there.  Not only did they support my getting out there to get some movement in, but they also joined in.  Is the healthy life style contentious or it is the commitment to it?  Some days I struggle, but they helped make my week a breeze.

When we got back it was a mad dash for me to get the wash done and my oldest two packed and ready for camp.  I left them there.  Last night.  I couldn’t sleep.  My babies are growing up and I can’t stop it!  No tears fell; however, I certainly felt just a little bit empty upon returning home.

When  got back to the house my youngest two insisted we get our bikes and go for a ride.  So, of course we did.  It was really fun and it got some of my Momma abandonment issues worked through my muscles.  When we got home we did dinner and I looked down at my watch at my steps and was surprised.  I was just shy of 8,000 so I started walking up and down my backyard.  Well, I got really involved with it.  Especially every time I passed a stray cat who kept starring at me.  The next time I looked down at my watch it said I was around 17,000 steps.  Well, who is to get in the way of progress, I thought.  I was determined to make it a clean 20,000.  So I kept going.  By the time I looked again it was 21ka and I decided that was finally enough.  For a more sedentary individual I’m pretty beat.  That isn’t all, though.  I got this bizarre 5th wind when I was laying in bed, so I did 10 minutes of sit ups before I went to sleep.  I’m not certain I can even more today.

I would have liked to be sitting around 138lbs today; however, that isn’t the case.  No shame in it at all, either.  I’m at 140lbs.  That is just fine.  I’ve been through a lot physically as far as health is concerned and I’ve just finally been able to stop nursing my ankle.  The fact that I have no gained is what astonishes me.  I’m proud of myself for the self control and consistency I’ve exhibited.  Especially when discouragement is knocking on the door.

Whats my  point?  Here I am, regular you.  I fight the same wars.  I win & yes loose the same battles.  Life happens.  Things get in the way and plans change.  The world still goes on around me and I have to meet it where it decides to fall.  Determination and self discipline play a huge role in success.  You have to see it in your mind’s eye, believe that you will get there, and never stop until you do.  Fall down?  Brush off and keep going.

This week is going to be full of going through camping supplies and likely trips to the park with my youngest two.  It will be a good kind of busy.  I’m looking forward to the unplanned spur of the moment fun we’re going to have.  Speaking of, the day is wasting away.

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Challenge Accepted; Shoot For The Stars!


That is what they say, isn’t it?  Shoot for the stars…  The world is your oyster…  You can do whatever you set your mind to…  Well, I hate sea food and I tend to enjoy my feet planted firmly on the ground.  However, I do believe in part of getting to your goals when you set your mind to them.  We may not always get to where we want to be or use the path we chose to take, but the important thing is setting our minds to it and pushing forward.  It isn’t about the falling down bit.  It is about how we get back up and keep going.

Last week I wasn’t home.  It was a bit crazy, but in an extremely good way.  You know, when nothing goes at all like you planned, but everything worked out great anyway, kind of week.  It was fully of laughter, fun, amazing company, fabulous conversations, delicious (my diet friendly!) foods, and love.  I can’t thank my friends enough for such a wonderful and relaxing time we all had away.

In summery I moved in ways I didn’t even realize I could, so I got plenty of different exercise despite not having my normal routine.  I also discovered when I’m out of AC I put on 3lbs of water weight that is only humidity and temperature related.  I also learned that I fidget with my rings when I’ve lost that 3lbs of water weight a little too much.  I found out that I greatly enjoy playing kick the soccer ball back and forth with kids and that it makes me super sore the next day.  One last discovery I had was we all need extra love some times.  Usually, when we don’t think that we do.

Well, here it is.  My challenge!  I’ve been requested to do 5 miles a day extra.  Monday-Sunday.  5 extra miles!  I’m sweating just sitting here thinking about it.  It won’t be easy at all.  Believe it or not this momma is super busy from the time I rise until I lay my head back down.  It doesn’t even matter if I don’t plan to be.  I always end up busy anyway.  On top of trying to work that in I’m actually busy with real busyness this week.  There is VBS all week so my morning is fairly shot with that.  I actually look forward to the challenge and sharing next Monday how it went!  I do have to officially track my miles and submit them.  *GASP*  No fudging here.  😉

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Unexpected Complications


What a week I had!  It wasn’t, even in retrospect, much different from any other week.  The days were filled with this and that.  Surprise happenings and planned events going, well, mostly how I expected them to anyway.  However, I came down with quite the case of an allergic reaction.  I was baffled for some time as to the cause.  All I knew was that my mouth felt like a giant open sore and not much was aiding the situation.  I started swapping food in and out of my diet just to test what the problem could be.

The doctor?  Who wants to visit the doctor and get tested when you can just do it unsafely at home?  I mean come on, that takes all of the excitement out of it.  Who doesn’t like a good possible anaphylaxis shock scare?  I kept telling myself as long as I could still breathe I was fine.  It’s fine.  We’re all fine here.  Let me pause for a moment to glare with pursed lips while shaking my head in the resemblance of a resounding no.  That is never fine and I never should have done it.  It makes for a great “I do stupid things some times” story though, I guess?  As long as one doesn’t die in the process.

Almonds.  It was ALMONDS!  GASP!  EEK!  GROAN!  Not my almonds!  Yes, sadly true, it was the almonds I was snacking on.  It appears to only be mild, but as I was starting to eat more and more of them every day it built up in my system and started causing me serious problems in my mouth, specifically, which then spread to other areas.  Rest in peace almonds, you were my favorite snack.

The reaction left me extremely bloated.  I’m still attempting to reduce the swelling in my system.  My rings hardly fit and it left me visibly swollen in my face and feet.  I’d wager I have about 3lbs left of retention to get rid of to normalize again.  Down the hatch with lemon water!  I think it may be needless to say, but the scale looked the same as last week.  On the plus side that does mean that if I’m retaining water weight, and I do know that I am, I likely still lost at the very least 1lb this week yet again!  Every week I’m gaining more and more ground towards my goals.  I also consistently was more physically active.  The fabulous weather in the evening has lended to calming evening walks with the kids down our very long yard and back.   Possibly several times in a row depending on the mosquitos and random deer crossings.

I’m looking forward to school being out for the kids this week.  One more day and I will have virtual day time freedom.  Well, freedom to not have to deal with the bus that is.  It does mean I can pack up the kids and take more adventures for the day around here.  Look out hiking trails I have a feeling you’ll be seeing this family’s soles soon.  I may even celebrate tomorrow with a surprise lunch and a hike around a local lake today.  If I feel up to it.  The possibilities feel endless and only limited by the change in my pocket and my imagination.  Okay, scratch that, maybe it has a little to do with my nerve to handle 4 excited children at the same time.  All I can say for sure is adventures await, even if they’re just in our backyard using our imaginations.

Side note, I’m speed walking a half marathon this coming weekend with my oldest daughter.  I’m both extremely excited for the event, but also excessivly proud of her for wanting to be a part of it.  Our children mirror us in more ways than we could imagine.  They watch and the listen to everything we do and say.  Our behaviors are most often mirrored in them.  I’m overjoyed at her choices in both the healthier life style she is striving for on her own with out my gentle nudging, and her compassion to be a part of a fund raiser to help others.  In this case, mission K9 rescue with Hogwarts Running Club.

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The Sedentary Momma

To The Lake & Back


I had an absolutely amazing time this weekend.  Specifically Sunday.  As hectic as it was to get everything in, I truly enjoyed my excessively busy day.  It all started with waking up and getting ready to rush out to church.  I’m not a morning person, so of course I wait as long as I can to roll out of bed.  Then, I remind myself, you have 4 children to tend to also.  At that point, every Sunday, my rush mode jumps in.  It is procrastination at its’ finest.  Some how we managed to get everyone dressed, fed, CLEAN, hair brushed, and into the car.  Everyone even had their shoes on, this time.  Not a single child forgot their church bags either.  As I pulled out of the driveway, children happily singing whatever was playing on K-LOVE over the radio, I was proud that we were actually going to be on time this week and no one was in tears!

Church was great, though busy.  Some times it feels like there is so much to squeeze in that I have to be in a rush.  Between 4 kids with Sunday School classes, all of the people I want to greet and who want to greet me, the weekly issues I need to attend to, and getting to my own Sunday School class some times it can feel like a blur.  I’m a slower pace kind of woman.  I don’t like to be in a rush.  I like to savor the moments of life and really get to know the people I’m around.  I very much enjoyed my time today, though it felt a bit quished.

I rushed my children home, left two with family, and hurried the other two back into the car after a quick bathroom stop.  We were headed to one of my most favorite and most influential places to me on earth.  Rain or shine, I was dedicated to getting my oldest two children to Spruce Lake Retreat on Sunday.  A place where I went as a child for their Wilderness Camp and grew in so many ways.  My little heart, mind, and spirit were touched by the staff that I encountered as I grew into a young woman.  The only natural way for me to go from there was to be on staff, which I did, for three years.  The only thing that kept me from a fourth was my then boyfriend -now ex husband- who was out of state and insisted he couldn’t go with out seeing me for the entire summer.  In retrospect that was a bad choice, but it is so much easier to look back and make those judgments as we see them blossom into the worst of situations.

It was pouring.  Driving along the interstate highway with what looked like exhausted truck drivers who couldn’t contain themselves in their own lane which made the drive stressful.  For my girls it was long.  “Are we there yet?” rang in my ears over and over.  As we got closer I’d point out things as if I’d seen them just yesterday, even though it really had been over 10 years.  I’ve been back up there since working there a few times, but I never paid attention to how things had changed or stayed the same.  My mind was in a different place.  It was in the clouds if I may use the phrase.

When we finally arrived safe and sound, there were times I wasn’t sure that would happen, I had to take a deep breath and settle my nerves.  When I took a breath it still smelled the same.  It smelled like home.  It smelled like peace.  It smelled like all of the wonderful moments and feelings I’ve ever had in my life.  I closed my eyes and could feel the calm in the air.  This was the same place where I first felt like someone really cared about me, who wasn’t in my family.  While the nostalgic feeling was there, the surroundings were different.  So much had changed since I was a camper and staff member.  It was like stepping into a different new modern world.  The changes were all for the better, but overwhelming none the less.  I sat there and recalled for a moment how when I was on staff we’d talk of going through culture shock when we’d get back into town after a few weeks at Wilderness Camp.  It was true.  We did go through shock.  We got so used to our tight nit groups and roughing it in a lot of ways that when we walked into Walmart after a month in the woods it was like we’d been on a deserted island for years.  Our comrodery with each other was also unsurpassed.  We started out as a group of strangers, for the most part, but after a week we were like blood.  This is how I felt when I breathed in the changes made to my childhood escape, shock.

I’m really digressing here as I reminisce about my past, but I really am getting to a point.  I promise.  My girls and I got out our papers for the event and made choices on what to do.  It was still pouring.  They complained a little.  I told them we had a choice, we could just leave and go home and have wasted several hours of driving time, or we could put on our rain coats and have fun anyway.  They moaned, but they got out of the van.  We went a few places, did a few things, found a great deal of people from my past as a camper and a staff member, which really surprised me.  Of all of the years Spruce Lake has been there, my time had been but a pin prick and yet, so many I knew, respected, and loved where there.  We got in a great walk.  Despite the rain my girls had a blast.

I was reminded of something that happened as an assistant counselor with one of my best friends.  We had a group of girls who were very prim and proper.  My friend and I were, lets be blunt here, tom boys to an extreme.  We played hard, got dirty, and didn’t care.  We were blunt, and very much our own people.  When we saw these girls were assigned to us we looked at each other and giggled a little bit.  The first day we vowed to get them dirty.  We had a mostly uneventful week.  It was hot and dry.  No one really complained much except about the bugs, but I mean, who doesn’t complain about bugs biting them?  We were happy, but we both knew we still needed to get these girls out of their prim and proper shell.  What is Wilderness Camp if you never get dirty?  Yes, they never got dirty.  If they did, they changed and washed thoroughly.  That isn’t such a bad thing, except they did it out of compulsion, not because they felt yucky.  Thursday night came rolling around.  It was our last evening together.  What did it do?  Rained.  A lot.  We had a nice little thunder storm in fact.  What happened?  It got muddy.  Very muddy.  Friday was our day to get around and do our special programs.  Things like kayaking, zip-line, and challenge course kind of stuff.  It hadn’t stopped raining, either.  Everyone generally assumes if it is raining you’re likely not going to get those things in, but my friend and I?  We were different.  We were more like the male counselors in this respect.  Rain would not keep us from having a great time.  Especially this week with these girls.  We went about our day.  No one wanted to do it.  Not a single one of our girls in our tent wanted to go anywhere in the rain, but we insisted.  They complained a great deal, until we told them they were not aloud to anymore.  Event after event slowly they each stopped being annoyed and began to enjoy themselves.  By the end of the day the sun started poking out.  We had about 45 more minutes of free time.  Most of the other tents canceled their events so we got done more quickly.  My friend, my co-counselor in crime, and I decided right there…the sun was out?  It was HOT, we NEEDED to go mud sliding.  So we walked the girls up onto the ball field, lined them up, took a glance at each other, and ran for it.  Belly flopping into the sopping wet muddy grass we slid across like skipping stones.  The girls cheered with delight.  Half of them joined right in.  Our prim and proper ladies stood there, apprehensive.  We could tell they wanted to, but were so afraid of getting muddy.  We reassured them we’d clean them off before they went home and eventually they took the plunge.  We were such a muddy mess, but the memories made there, for me at least, have and will last my life time.

Just like my tent group that week, we didn’t let the rain stop us on Sunday.  We still did everything we planned to do anyway.  We got soaking wet and cold.  We had fun.  That same principle goes for every aspect of life.  Often times we look at situations we’re in and consider them too inconvenient to be bothered with.  Well, what if I don’t have enough time to finish?  What if I get too tired?  What if I’m sore?  What if?  If, If, If…  Well, what IF you do it anyway?  What if you stop asking what if and start trying and see what happens?  What if you DO put that sugary snack down?  What if you don’t order those french fries?  What if you take the stairs, instead of the elevator?  What if you actually do, instead of giving up before you try?  What if you take a moment to inconvenience yourself right here in the now and find out it was the better choice in the long run?

So, what if?

What are your what if’s that can be turned around?  How can that impact your life?  The only thing holding you back is you.  You can find a positive in everything if you look for it.

My week was amazing.  It was busy.  It was full of stress.  I had an allergic reaction in my mouth for most of the time which even now still hurts.  My finances blew up in my face.  I hurt my ankle further on accident while training for a half marathon coming up soon.  I could look at everything that went badly this week and give up.  Or, I can look at everything that went badly this week and remind myself I kept going anyway.  I found a way to make every negative into a positive, including my ankle.  I don’t just mean a superficial comment, I mean I believe with my whole heart, that this week was wonderful.  It isn’t the times that we fail that make things bad, its how we decide to view them and allow them to effect us that do.

Despite a lot of bad things happening for me and my family this week and my lack of complete self control in my diet I still lost another pound.  I pushed forward anyway.  I kept my focus and my positivity.  It all starts right there.

If you believe you can, you will.

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A Weekend Of Ambrosial Delight



Memorial Day weekend has nearly past us.  One more half of a day remains here for our celebratory long weekend.  Many of you out there will have had one or two and possibly more picnics you attended.  It has been and is a time to get together with friends and family to have some fabulous foods and share your lives together.  Some may still have plans today.  This weekend unofficially marks the start of the summer season where road trips and vacations abound.  The time period where unhealthy amounts of money is spewn from our pockets for the sake of the experience we’re seeking and the keepsakes that will either break or likely be shoved into a storage box in short order after your return never to be seen again until someone unwittingly stumbles upon it 20 years later.  What on earth is this celebration all about, anyway?  Have we truthfully digressed so far to forget and no longer teach our children the importance of the true meaning?  Is it really just about getting an official free day off of work so that we can party or go away on a mini vacation?

On May 5, 1868, General John A. Logan, the leader of Northern Civil War veterans, said: “The 30th of May, 1868, is designated for the purpose of strewing with flowers, or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion, and whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village and hamlet churchyard in the land,”  This day was called Decoration Day and was originally designated for only those who lost their lives during the civil war.  Later, during World War 1, it was recognized that they needed to expand this public honoring and it was changed to include all service members who lost their lives in duty to the country renaming it Memorial Day.  In 1968 Congress passed a law granting it the official day of last the Monday of every May.  This officially came into effect in 1971.  Additionally in 2000 an amendment was passed that at 3:00pm each Memorial Day we are urged to have a moment of silence to honor the lives that have been lost.

So, let me ask you something then.  What is Memorial Day to you?  I, thankfully, do not have any family members who have fallen in the line of duty.  I do; however, have family and friends who have served and come home.  My heart breaks for those who loose a loved one in service of our Country keeping us free.  We could banter back and forth about political agendas, but the fact remains, they are in our service.  Mine and yours.  Sacrificing their life, if need be, for us.  Frankly, I could not express the depths of my thanks.

Please, Wont you join me in a moment of silence at 3:00pm on Memorial Day?

It seems a bit droll to move into my weekly recap after my previous comments, but I must keep up with par.  Even though this has been a picnic weekend I’ve done well to curve my temptations.  I struggled for a few days after my daughter’s party and I sugar loaded a bit on ice cream cake.  However, I kept to it and I ended up weighing in at having lost 2 pounds this week.  I was overjoyed when I stepped onto the scale Sunday morning.  I excepted to continue to stay on my plateau.  That may mean that I won’t see another pound lost this week, or it could be a short trend.  Only discipline and time will tell!  I have one last picnic to attend, but it is my own.  I know there will be delicious options for me to enjoy, as well.  The day I see 130 or south is the day I may shed a tear of happiness.  That mark is not terribly far away anymore, though I know the road is going to be tough.  With each pound I lose it gets more and more difficult to lose the next.  Staying positive is the key to persevering when the scale doesn’t always read how you like it to.  Especially when you’ve been strictly following your plan and it stalls out on you.

I’ll leave you with this thought.  It isn’t failure until you decide to give up.  Never give up and you wont fail.

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The Sedentary Momma


It’s madness! Monday, again?!

Oh where oh where has the weekend gone, oh where oh where could it be?!  Did you do a little hum in your head like I did?  No?  Too early?  Grab another cup of coffee, its okay, I’ll wait.  Goodness, we all know that we can use a little extra on Monday morning, right?


Back?  Fabulous!  The great 9 year old birthday bash was a complete success.  At least in terms of celebratory functions leading to the result of a very happy young lady.  UN-formal and what in my mind was modest, as we only had some very immediate family members, my daughter could not have been happier with her surprises.  One of the best parts was watching her open the gifts that her siblings, all 3 -even my 4 year old son, spent their hard earned chore chart allowance to buy her and seeing her light up with such excitement and joy knowing it was from them.  It was special.

Birthday updates aside I admit I didn’t just jump off of the band wagon.  I didn’t dip my toes in the water of delightful food.  I indulged myself, as only is right when celebrating the creation of something so amazing as a child.  At the very least we had organic non GMO black bean and venison tacos, but alas I thoroughly enjoyed corn chips and salsa as well as a rather large helping of ice cream cake.  Resisting, much to my surprise, wasn’t as hard as I expected, but I felt the need to partake and share with my family this time.  I’m paying for it mildly today with some water retention and bloating since I’ve all but purged my system of sugars, too much  sodium, and processed chemicals, but it was worth it for a day!  It will likely take the entire week to get myself back to where it should be.  I’m up to the challenge.

Due to my frivolities over the weekend in the digestion department I neither gained nor lost and the only personal achievement I made was the extra movements I forced upon myself.  Unable to get to the gym and it being exhaustingly warm here this past week I slipped into the darkness in the back yard one evening and did some workouts.  Unknowingly I ended up being locked outside and terrorized by the screeching mice my cat was playing with nearby.  It was certainly an experience I don’t wish to precisely repeat; however, I feel this may begin to be a small answer to my inability to leave the premises regularly.

This coming week appears to be as normal as they come around here for me.  My big challenge might just be not getting bored.  I’m certain something will arise to ruffle my feathers and cause me to have some sort of hiccups along the way.  I would like to expect to see the gym for an hour this week, if I can.  I unfortunately can’t promise myself that will happen.  Instead, I need to resort to making the effort at home once the kids drift off to sleep, weather permitting.  We shall see how this all turns out as the days ahead unfold.

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What’s That? The Alarm?!

AERNT! AERNT! AERNT! -Do you hear it yet?

There it is, that extremely annoying sound that endeavors to wake us up every morning.  Is it really that time already?!  I’m not a morning person, so when the alarm goes off it usually comes with an urgency to roll out of bed as quickly as I can, less my kids be late for school.  I have to keep in mind, it isn’t just me getting ready for the day, my kids are the number one priority.  That is, until school is out…  I dream of those days when the alarm doesn’t need to be set every day again!  Except, we all know what will happen.  Play dates, plans for the park, and general life will have its way and creep in with responsibility, accountability, and overall commitments.  That’s okay, lets just dream a little bit longer while we can, shall we?


How did my previous week go, you ask?  Well I DID actually loose another pound.  I cheated and messed up my preferred diet 3 days this week with a gifted 750 calorie blizzard packed with so much sugar that I crashed hard that evening, a slice of chocolate cake that my kids insisted I needed (who can say no to those faces?) and it was sooooooo good, and, okay, I will admit it.  I had normal pepperoni pizza on Friday.   Not just one slice, but 2.  I also may have snuck in some cheese curls.  Even though I am very animatedly against them,I still found myself shoveling them into my mouth with delight.  There it is.  Bold and bare.  I gave in, not once, but several times.  I still lost 1 pound!  Could I might have lost more?  Maybe, maybe not.  Could I have gained more?  Yeap.  What is my point?  Some times it is just fine to cheat, as long as cheating isn’t the normal habit.  The truth be told, we all need a little reprieve some days.


I’m looking forward to this week.  My oldest turns 9 and I get to lavish her with all things girly, superhero, and birthday with out question.  We may have a modest and frugal family bash, but we always make them special together.  She has decided that she wants to have an ice cream cake and black bean tacos and I can’t be more excited about that!  I’ve yet to determine if I’ll seek out to make my own ice cream cake using our homemade ice cream and gluten free cookie crumbs or not, but I do know I have a great new recipe for cauliflower taco shells that I have been itching to try out!  Here is to the coming week full of anticipation and fun!

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