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Back To The Grind


Oh how I long to be lingering once more by the cool mist bellowing from the falls.  There is such a calmness that invades your very being when sitting in the silence of nature.  The silence that tells a thousand tales within a single push of the breeze that waves the leaves across each other.  The wisp of a tiny flying creature whisking by on its duties.  The rustle off in the distance harbored by some fallen trees.  The world is a magical place if we open our eyes to it.

Vacation.  What can I say?  It is always a ton of work to go camping.  This is especially true when you have 4 young children tagging along.  We made it.  Through thunder storms, racoon, bugs, snakes, and every other little thing that always seems to pop up at the worst possible time.  What do you do?  Roll with it.  It may not have been physically relaxing, but my spirit was renewed.  We drove away, each of us, with a little sadness in our hearts that our time off in the woods had to come to an end.  Tears even flooded the eyes and eventually dripped down the tiny cheeks of my little darlings who couldn’t understand why we needed to go.  My heart is full and I am glad for it.  My children made me exceptionally proud during our trip.  Between the hikes, the heat, the animals, crazy storms, and everything else they went through they never wavered.  They trusted my word and overcame their fears.

I didn’t loose any weight on the scale this past week.  Although, I do see more definition in my legs.  I think that it may be time to start devising a little more specialized workout to tone certain areas.  My biceps really just do not match my legs since I joined Hogwarts Running Club.  My flabby skin could use some tending to.  I believe it may be time to invest in finding a bench press of some sort and weights.  Would anyone like to donate a bowflex and a treadmill?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.

This coming week I’ve made no specific plans except to go with how it feels each day.  I don’t want to over do it, but I want to get out there with the kids if the weather permits it and ride some bike with them at the very least.  I know the warm weather will not last forever and in a blink of an eye they will all be sitting inside wishing they could be outside yet again.

Side note: The Storm That Never Came DID actually come.  The next day was a thunderstorm adventure.  Packed with wind, flooding, and falling trees we made it through and still cooked dinner over the fire.

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The Storm That Never Came

Eating dinner in a relaxed mood we start to hear runbles off in the distance.  Casually we assume it is passing by, as it didn’t seem to be getting closer.  However, suddenly the sky got dark and we were prompted to check the weather.  There it was.  A giant red cell on the map headed right for us.  Out mood switched gears and we began to ready ourselves for the storm now fast approaching.  We were tent camping and just about to start a fire.

Quickly we got in gear.  Working together as if one organism to tend to every detail.  We even got the fire wood under shelter.

The sky grew darker and the wind picked up.  The heavens werrle ready to burst open.  The rain was coming.  We were prepared.

Out of no where the dark threatening sky started to glow rose gold.  The wind quieted down.  The thunder continued to roll in the distance and we were baffled.  We ventured back out of our shelter.  A flimsy thin breathable tarp that separated us from the ravaging effects of nature.  It was a tent, a beautiful large one, but a tent none the less.

We brought up the radar and low and behold the storm wrapped around us.  It was if we were in a protected buble blocking the tumultuous weather from entering our domain.  We were spared.

How often in life do we believe so hard that something is going to happen a specific way and we male plans upon plans for it going just like that?  I’d venture that it is more often and not.  Some times it is worse, different, or much better.

The key is go roll with the punches and expect that things can’t be expected.  Time was spent making sure those around us knew the impending storm was in fact on its way towards us when the radar was telling us so.  Egg got on our faces.  You know what?  I’d rather be wrong about the weather while camping and have prepared for the worst and potentially help others than ignore it and end up getting stuck in a tough spot.

What is the ever so brief moral of my story?  Don’t be so afraid that you can’t actually live and never be so unconcerned with life that you miss half of the point of it.  Loving others and enjoying yourself as you go day by day.

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The Sedentary Momma

Adventure Awaits!


Monday morning, yet again.  Today I wasn’t greeted with crusty eyes who just can’t open.  Instead, I found myself slammed in the face with anticipation.  I am reminded of how it felt as a child before we took our big family vacation.  The best part is we’re about to take our family vacation.  Even better yet, this fabulous family vacation isn’t to a hotel or resort where you’re halfway pampered and spend a million dollars eating out devouring horrible dietary garbage for the convince.  No, we’re going camping.  The place where every moment is an opportunity to share something I deeply love with my children.  Nature.  I have some grand ideas floating around in my mind of how this week semi roughing it will go, but I’m attempting to keep my expectations on the low.  My only goal is to teach my oldest 2, at the least, how to use a flint and steel to make a fire and some basic wilderness first aid.  To which I hope to the Lord in heaven we never use.

Clay face painting and beading aside I do look forward to getting in some serious movement this week.  I find it unfortunate that there will be no internet to pass along my miles to CharityMiles and none of it will even count for anything other than my own personal gain, but I’m glad for it none the less.  Let me not forget to pack the sunscreen…

And the Aloe for when it doesn’t work.

My recap of the week isn’t grand in my eyes.  I managed to take my youngest two on a few biking adventures to which I rekindled my love for it once again.  I believe the remaining days of our summer and into the fall weekends we will continue to explore that as a family option for exercise and time spent together.  I pushed myself a little to hard, though.  I neglected to pay attention to what I was eating and didn’t consume quite enough.  This led to me feeling very ill for the latter part of my days.  Once I finally realized my mistake I worked hard on rectifying the problem.  I can say I fully enjoyed my ice cream and cookie binge day.  I had been holding onto too much and was weighing in higher than I should be.  Pleased I can say that the scale, even with some residual water retention, has left me sitting at 139lbs.

Pang the gong.  Ring the bells.  Shout it from the roof tops.  I finally weigh, when not retaining water, under 140lbs!  Getting to this point has been one of the hardest struggles I’ve faced during this process.  Many days and weeks have haunted me with whispers of “You’re done loosing.  It isn’t going to happen.  You’re stuck, face it, forget it, and move on from it.  Just quit now, you look good enough if you tell people you have 4 kids.” etc.  I stuck to it, though.  I realize in retrospect that a portion of my seemingly stall-out period was a reallocation of fat to muscle.  I can run faster and go longer than I could a month ago.  For that, I am immensely proud of myself and can see the fruit even if it isn’t on the scale.  On top of that I was forced to buy a new pair of jeans a size smaller.  A blessing for my goals and a curse for my wallet.

Here is to continuing to strive forward towards my goals of better health and fitness.  Even when the rough times come, I’m ready to leap the hurdles.  I’m currently looking towards a 4 mile run I’m still hoping to find a sponser for, and who knows what every adventures await the coming days.  I know for certain, I won’t stop moving.

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The Sedentary Momma

Good vrs. Best


Uhm, they’re not the same thing?  Nope.  Nadda friend.  Some times what is good is not what is best for you.  Well, I sure dropped the point rather fast, didn’t I?  Let us consider a few things, shall we?

That chocolate cake on the counter sure is good.  Taking a slice right now and devouring it would sure feel pretty great.  The texture, the flavor, the way it feels going down your throat.  It really is good, isn’t it?  Is it what it best for you?

That glass of wine (insert any alcoholic beverage here) is calling.  The coolness coating your lips.  The deep refined flavor bursting in your mouth.  The way it smoothly runs down as you swallow.  The way it helps relax you after you’ve finished the glass or two.  It sure was good.  Was it the best for you?

One mile down and you grab the towel.  It is enough to just go for a little and stop, right?  I got my workout in.  I moved.  Sure, it was good.  It is good to move even a little.  However, was it the best?  Was that the best that you could do?  Was that the most you could move?  Did you really push yourself?

You send someone a quick text.  “Hey, just thinking about you.”  Then you continue about your busy life making no real connection.  Is that good enough?  Sure, it can be.  Is it the best way though?

You’re cleaning the floor.  It looks visibly clean and you’re tired, so you stop and put everything away.  Okay, sure, that was good right?  You did it, at least?  Was it the best, though?

Good is not always best.  Now that you have a few ideas floating around in your mind I’m certain you can come up a few of your own examples.  Just because something is good at the moment doesn’t make it the best choice for your life.  This applies in all aspects ranging from emotional, physical, spiritual, and everywhere in between.

I know what you’re thinking…  “How do I know what is BEST for me in the moment?”  That part really is the tricky bit.  The future is a general mystery for us.  We can take educated guesses.  They may even often come true!  However, there is no guarantee of this and so we continue down the road of questions.  Should I do this, should I do that.  Is this correct, or that?  When should I stop and when should I start?  The red pill or the blue pill?  Part of the great fun of life is that it is a mystery and we don’t know what is coming.  No matter how many nerves get frayed in the end we do prefer to not know.

How does that help?  Indirectly.  Understanding that in the fleeting moments we may want to know, but in the long run its better if we don’t can help aid us in making the best choices instead of just the good ones.  You say whaaaaat?  By not knowing what is going to happen and not being reassured by the choices that we make in the moment we’re allowing ourselves to grow and learn.  Even if the choice we make isn’t the best one we’ve learned something.  More than something!  We have usually learned a great deal, in fact.  Can you think of a moment where you didn’t make the best choice in the long run and instead learned countless life lessons?  That’s right, I knew it.  The beauty in this fact is that we can rest knowing that we’ve learned from it and we can move forward.  Never be afraid to make a choice.  Especially when you’re unsure of which one to make.

Some times we can tell when the best choice is staring us in the face, though.  You know when you should just clean the floor all of the way, when you shouldn’t eat the chocolate cake, when you can push out another mile, when that drink shouldn’t be an option, or when you should spend a little more time on that relationship.

So, what kind of choices are you making in your life?  Good ones, or the best ones?

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