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A Weekend Of Ambrosial Delight



Memorial Day weekend has nearly past us.  One more half of a day remains here for our celebratory long weekend.  Many of you out there will have had one or two and possibly more picnics you attended.  It has been and is a time to get together with friends and family to have some fabulous foods and share your lives together.  Some may still have plans today.  This weekend unofficially marks the start of the summer season where road trips and vacations abound.  The time period where unhealthy amounts of money is spewn from our pockets for the sake of the experience we’re seeking and the keepsakes that will either break or likely be shoved into a storage box in short order after your return never to be seen again until someone unwittingly stumbles upon it 20 years later.  What on earth is this celebration all about, anyway?  Have we truthfully digressed so far to forget and no longer teach our children the importance of the true meaning?  Is it really just about getting an official free day off of work so that we can party or go away on a mini vacation?

On May 5, 1868, General John A. Logan, the leader of Northern Civil War veterans, said: “The 30th of May, 1868, is designated for the purpose of strewing with flowers, or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion, and whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village and hamlet churchyard in the land,”  This day was called Decoration Day and was originally designated for only those who lost their lives during the civil war.  Later, during World War 1, it was recognized that they needed to expand this public honoring and it was changed to include all service members who lost their lives in duty to the country renaming it Memorial Day.  In 1968 Congress passed a law granting it the official day of last the Monday of every May.  This officially came into effect in 1971.  Additionally in 2000 an amendment was passed that at 3:00pm each Memorial Day we are urged to have a moment of silence to honor the lives that have been lost.

So, let me ask you something then.  What is Memorial Day to you?  I, thankfully, do not have any family members who have fallen in the line of duty.  I do; however, have family and friends who have served and come home.  My heart breaks for those who loose a loved one in service of our Country keeping us free.  We could banter back and forth about political agendas, but the fact remains, they are in our service.  Mine and yours.  Sacrificing their life, if need be, for us.  Frankly, I could not express the depths of my thanks.

Please, Wont you join me in a moment of silence at 3:00pm on Memorial Day?

It seems a bit droll to move into my weekly recap after my previous comments, but I must keep up with par.  Even though this has been a picnic weekend I’ve done well to curve my temptations.  I struggled for a few days after my daughter’s party and I sugar loaded a bit on ice cream cake.  However, I kept to it and I ended up weighing in at having lost 2 pounds this week.  I was overjoyed when I stepped onto the scale Sunday morning.  I excepted to continue to stay on my plateau.  That may mean that I won’t see another pound lost this week, or it could be a short trend.  Only discipline and time will tell!  I have one last picnic to attend, but it is my own.  I know there will be delicious options for me to enjoy, as well.  The day I see 130 or south is the day I may shed a tear of happiness.  That mark is not terribly far away anymore, though I know the road is going to be tough.  With each pound I lose it gets more and more difficult to lose the next.  Staying positive is the key to persevering when the scale doesn’t always read how you like it to.  Especially when you’ve been strictly following your plan and it stalls out on you.

I’ll leave you with this thought.  It isn’t failure until you decide to give up.  Never give up and you wont fail.

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Creamy Broccoli, Cauliflower, Chicken, & Wild Rice Casserole


Creamy Broccoli, Cauliflower, Chicken, & Wild Rice Casserole
(258cal. 40g protein. 33carbs.)

1lb Cauliflower, Cut into Florets
1.5lb Broccoli, Cut into Florets
3 Large boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, Diced
2 Cups Goats Milk
4 Medium Garlic Cloves, Minced
2 Medium White Onions, Chopped
2 Cups (measured uncooked) Wild Rice, Cooked
1-2 Tablespoons Oil (I prefer avocado & grapeseed mixed 1:1)
2 Tablespoons Rotisserie Seasoning
Black Pepper
Sea Salt

*Preheat oven to 375*
*Put diced chicken into a seal-able bag and add rotisserie seasoning and 1/3 teaspoon black pepper.  Set aside
*On medium heat cook onions in a medium sized pot that can be covered until they start to go clear.
*Add garlic and stir together, still cooking, for about 45 seconds.
*Add cauliflower and a little salt and pepper to taste and cover pot.  Stir occasionally to prevent sticking.
*Once the cauliflower is cooked mash the contents of the pot.  The size of pieces is left to you.
*Add goats milk, 1 teaspoon black pepper, 1/2 teaspoon sea salt and stir well.
*Bring to just before a boil and remove from heat.
*While waiting for the pot to come up in a heated skillet or large non-stick pan add oil and chicken you set aside earlier.  Cover and allow to cook stirring occasionally to prevent sticking.
*Once your milk mixture has come to a simmer and you’ve removed it allow to reduce in heat for about 2 minutes and replace back on heat at low.  You will have to watch your temperature closely.  You want the milk to simmer, but not boil.  Keep this heat for 10 minutes.
*In your baking dish lay down your already cooked rice.
*Add broccoli.  It can be fresh or frozen.
*Add chicken.
*Pour milk mixture over top and with a spatula spread out the chunks.
*Place into over and cook at 375* for 30-45 minutes or when the top turns lightly brown.
*Allow to stand for 10 minutes, server, and enjoy!

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The “Not So Long” Walk

Gleefully my children begged me to allow them to run down our long yard and visit an older neighbor.  They adore visiting her house, because every time she is home they are greeted with some fabulous, unhealthy, and sugar filled snack.  In the beginning I said no.  I looked at my list and ran down all of the to-dos I didn’t even add to it.  I knew I had a lot on my plate that day and I really wanted to get a solid workout in while pursuing a tan.  Please, excuse me while I run off to giggle for a moment.  I don’t tan, I’m either pasty white or I burn.  I do try none the less.  I got a small workout in and I even fixed a few of the kid’s bikes.  I even got a second small workout in between downing my lemon, ginger, and ceylon cinnamon iced drink.

When it was time to go inside, feeling warm, I changed my shoes into my fantastically amazing chaco sandals and every moment that passed my son asked, again, if we could go see the neighbor.  I looked down at my body.  Dressed in my tight workout cloths, legs unshaven, sweaty and hot, and feeling tired from all of the movement I looked deep into his begging eyes.

“Please, Mommy.” He said to me.

Like a chocolate shell my heart broke open exposing my ooey-gooey soft inside.  I had to tell him yes.  After all, it would be another walk for me, wouldn’t it?  So I double checked my sandals  were properly tightened and let out a sigh.

“Okay, lets go!” was my response.

Bursting with excitement he gathered his sister and went flying to the back door.  Every moment I took was a life time for his imaginative mind.  He hurried me along as if the house were on fire.

Down we went.  It is a short walk, indeed.  I stopped by the swing set and let them know they had permission to go around to the front of the house and knock.  I sat on the swing and waited.  Silence.  No talking.  No giggles.  I waited for a few more moments.  I started to worry after what seemed to me 20 minutes went by; however, in reality it was likely less than 2 minutes.  I picked myself up and started to meet them at the front door.  No one was home.

“Okay!” I said “Lets go back and play on the swing set since she isn’t home.”

Both of them groaned and sighed.  Deflated and defeated they slowly walked back with me, heads hanging low.  When suddenly my son looked up with a ginormous smile and said

“Lets see if the doggie is home!”

He ran as fast as he could the rest of the way down our yard.  Before I could even blink both of them were almost out of sight already.  By the time they were back in view I found them at this other neighbor’s front door knocking.  My son, curious as he is, trying to pull himself up from the window sill to peer inside looking for any form of life.  Nothing.  Sad, they again walked back to me.  Something must have grabbed my son inside and he turned as quickly as he could and ran back, trying just once more.  She met them at the door greeting them with a wide eyed smile.  Another older woman with a dog and a cat for company, my children adore spending time with her outside.  There was no time; however, today she was on the way out.  She entertained them for a few moments sharing some quick conversation and leaving them with a snack.  Still, heartbroken, my son sat on her porch after she’d long said goodbye and closed the door.  What was a Mom to do?

I reached down, brushed off his shoulders, told him we’d return another day when she wasn’t so busy, and placed him on my shoulders.  Right there I considered how difficult it would be to walk all of the way back to the house with him planted there.  It is up hill the entire way.  I usually run my errands with him there.  We walk for hours together like that.  This was different, though.  The ground is uneven, wet, and uphill.  I knew this would be a solid test for me.  What to my surprise?  My daughter began to cry.

“Mommy!  I wanted to ride on your back though!” she exclaimed, fighting the tears away.

“Oh dear Lord in heaven WHAT am I going to do?” was my silent prayer.


Reluctantly, considering my healing ankle that was sprained badly leaving me in a brace several weeks before, I keeled down and told her to climb onto my back as well.  I ruched her around until we were all three comfortable and started the steady walk back home.  How was I going to make it with an extra 110lbs on my back?  Step by step I marched. My visor kept falling down with each step.  Further and further, until I could only see one step ahead at a time.  It was then that it hit me.  One step at a time.  Right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot.  Onward.

All too often we set goals for ourselves that are so big that we get so discouraged that we either stop before we ever try or give up along the way.

I kept thinking how annoying it was that my visor just would not stay up.  That I had to keep asking my son to raise it.  The truth of the matter is, I didn’t need to see ahead.  All it did was make me realize how far away I still was.  Looking at the house slowly get bigger in my view made me realize that my legs were burning and turning into jello.  I lost my focus and my breathing started to get out of control.  My visor falling was a hidden blessing.  It obstructed my view from seeing so far ahead that it would make me get off track.  I let the visor drop and stay.  I took it one step at a time.  I breathed in beat.  I got back into my rhythm and felt empowered, yet again.  I didn’t even realize that we were at the house when I almost tripped over a paving stone.  Through my determination I was ready to keep going!

I shared this tidbit of my inner thoughts with you today, because it can be very easy to pick and set a goal.  It is another thing to succeed in it.  Never be afraid to reach high.  Don’t shrink away from a real challenge.  It may seem scary and unobtainable; however, you gain nothing by never trying and everything when you do.  If you need to, don’t hesitate to put your own blinders on, too.

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I did a thing…

Peach & Kiwi Oatmeal Muffins How To


This written recipe will be added under recipes next week, because this week I have something even more amazing to share.

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It’s madness! Monday, again?!

Oh where oh where has the weekend gone, oh where oh where could it be?!  Did you do a little hum in your head like I did?  No?  Too early?  Grab another cup of coffee, its okay, I’ll wait.  Goodness, we all know that we can use a little extra on Monday morning, right?


Back?  Fabulous!  The great 9 year old birthday bash was a complete success.  At least in terms of celebratory functions leading to the result of a very happy young lady.  UN-formal and what in my mind was modest, as we only had some very immediate family members, my daughter could not have been happier with her surprises.  One of the best parts was watching her open the gifts that her siblings, all 3 -even my 4 year old son, spent their hard earned chore chart allowance to buy her and seeing her light up with such excitement and joy knowing it was from them.  It was special.

Birthday updates aside I admit I didn’t just jump off of the band wagon.  I didn’t dip my toes in the water of delightful food.  I indulged myself, as only is right when celebrating the creation of something so amazing as a child.  At the very least we had organic non GMO black bean and venison tacos, but alas I thoroughly enjoyed corn chips and salsa as well as a rather large helping of ice cream cake.  Resisting, much to my surprise, wasn’t as hard as I expected, but I felt the need to partake and share with my family this time.  I’m paying for it mildly today with some water retention and bloating since I’ve all but purged my system of sugars, too much  sodium, and processed chemicals, but it was worth it for a day!  It will likely take the entire week to get myself back to where it should be.  I’m up to the challenge.

Due to my frivolities over the weekend in the digestion department I neither gained nor lost and the only personal achievement I made was the extra movements I forced upon myself.  Unable to get to the gym and it being exhaustingly warm here this past week I slipped into the darkness in the back yard one evening and did some workouts.  Unknowingly I ended up being locked outside and terrorized by the screeching mice my cat was playing with nearby.  It was certainly an experience I don’t wish to precisely repeat; however, I feel this may begin to be a small answer to my inability to leave the premises regularly.

This coming week appears to be as normal as they come around here for me.  My big challenge might just be not getting bored.  I’m certain something will arise to ruffle my feathers and cause me to have some sort of hiccups along the way.  I would like to expect to see the gym for an hour this week, if I can.  I unfortunately can’t promise myself that will happen.  Instead, I need to resort to making the effort at home once the kids drift off to sleep, weather permitting.  We shall see how this all turns out as the days ahead unfold.

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