Good vrs. Best


Uhm, they’re not the same thing?  Nope.  Nadda friend.  Some times what is good is not what is best for you.  Well, I sure dropped the point rather fast, didn’t I?  Let us consider a few things, shall we?

That chocolate cake on the counter sure is good.  Taking a slice right now and devouring it would sure feel pretty great.  The texture, the flavor, the way it feels going down your throat.  It really is good, isn’t it?  Is it what it best for you?

That glass of wine (insert any alcoholic beverage here) is calling.  The coolness coating your lips.  The deep refined flavor bursting in your mouth.  The way it smoothly runs down as you swallow.  The way it helps relax you after you’ve finished the glass or two.  It sure was good.  Was it the best for you?

One mile down and you grab the towel.  It is enough to just go for a little and stop, right?  I got my workout in.  I moved.  Sure, it was good.  It is good to move even a little.  However, was it the best?  Was that the best that you could do?  Was that the most you could move?  Did you really push yourself?

You send someone a quick text.  “Hey, just thinking about you.”  Then you continue about your busy life making no real connection.  Is that good enough?  Sure, it can be.  Is it the best way though?

You’re cleaning the floor.  It looks visibly clean and you’re tired, so you stop and put everything away.  Okay, sure, that was good right?  You did it, at least?  Was it the best, though?

Good is not always best.  Now that you have a few ideas floating around in your mind I’m certain you can come up a few of your own examples.  Just because something is good at the moment doesn’t make it the best choice for your life.  This applies in all aspects ranging from emotional, physical, spiritual, and everywhere in between.

I know what you’re thinking…  “How do I know what is BEST for me in the moment?”  That part really is the tricky bit.  The future is a general mystery for us.  We can take educated guesses.  They may even often come true!  However, there is no guarantee of this and so we continue down the road of questions.  Should I do this, should I do that.  Is this correct, or that?  When should I stop and when should I start?  The red pill or the blue pill?  Part of the great fun of life is that it is a mystery and we don’t know what is coming.  No matter how many nerves get frayed in the end we do prefer to not know.

How does that help?  Indirectly.  Understanding that in the fleeting moments we may want to know, but in the long run its better if we don’t can help aid us in making the best choices instead of just the good ones.  You say whaaaaat?  By not knowing what is going to happen and not being reassured by the choices that we make in the moment we’re allowing ourselves to grow and learn.  Even if the choice we make isn’t the best one we’ve learned something.  More than something!  We have usually learned a great deal, in fact.  Can you think of a moment where you didn’t make the best choice in the long run and instead learned countless life lessons?  That’s right, I knew it.  The beauty in this fact is that we can rest knowing that we’ve learned from it and we can move forward.  Never be afraid to make a choice.  Especially when you’re unsure of which one to make.

Some times we can tell when the best choice is staring us in the face, though.  You know when you should just clean the floor all of the way, when you shouldn’t eat the chocolate cake, when you can push out another mile, when that drink shouldn’t be an option, or when you should spend a little more time on that relationship.

So, what kind of choices are you making in your life?  Good ones, or the best ones?

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The Sedentary Momma


Am I Busy Enough?



I skipped last Monday.  I was away and decided to spend my time with the people I was with, instead of sneak off to write this time.  I had a very relaxing time away from home.  It got pretty crazy when I got back, though.  Thankfully I was able to continue my diet choices thanks to the graciousness of my friends who made some of my recipes while we were there.  Not only did they support my getting out there to get some movement in, but they also joined in.  Is the healthy life style contentious or it is the commitment to it?  Some days I struggle, but they helped make my week a breeze.

When we got back it was a mad dash for me to get the wash done and my oldest two packed and ready for camp.  I left them there.  Last night.  I couldn’t sleep.  My babies are growing up and I can’t stop it!  No tears fell; however, I certainly felt just a little bit empty upon returning home.

When  got back to the house my youngest two insisted we get our bikes and go for a ride.  So, of course we did.  It was really fun and it got some of my Momma abandonment issues worked through my muscles.  When we got home we did dinner and I looked down at my watch at my steps and was surprised.  I was just shy of 8,000 so I started walking up and down my backyard.  Well, I got really involved with it.  Especially every time I passed a stray cat who kept starring at me.  The next time I looked down at my watch it said I was around 17,000 steps.  Well, who is to get in the way of progress, I thought.  I was determined to make it a clean 20,000.  So I kept going.  By the time I looked again it was 21ka and I decided that was finally enough.  For a more sedentary individual I’m pretty beat.  That isn’t all, though.  I got this bizarre 5th wind when I was laying in bed, so I did 10 minutes of sit ups before I went to sleep.  I’m not certain I can even more today.

I would have liked to be sitting around 138lbs today; however, that isn’t the case.  No shame in it at all, either.  I’m at 140lbs.  That is just fine.  I’ve been through a lot physically as far as health is concerned and I’ve just finally been able to stop nursing my ankle.  The fact that I have no gained is what astonishes me.  I’m proud of myself for the self control and consistency I’ve exhibited.  Especially when discouragement is knocking on the door.

Whats my  point?  Here I am, regular you.  I fight the same wars.  I win & yes loose the same battles.  Life happens.  Things get in the way and plans change.  The world still goes on around me and I have to meet it where it decides to fall.  Determination and self discipline play a huge role in success.  You have to see it in your mind’s eye, believe that you will get there, and never stop until you do.  Fall down?  Brush off and keep going.

This week is going to be full of going through camping supplies and likely trips to the park with my youngest two.  It will be a good kind of busy.  I’m looking forward to the unplanned spur of the moment fun we’re going to have.  Speaking of, the day is wasting away.

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The Sedentary Momma

Cherry Tomato Bruschetta



Cherry Tomato Bruschetta
(101cal. 1g protein. 4crabs) Per serving.

Makes 6 servings divided.

2 Cups Cherry Tomatoes – Halved or quartered
4 Medium Garlic Cloves – Minced
2 Tablespoons Avocado Oil
2 Tablespoons Grape Seed Oil
1/2 a Lemon – Juiced
1 Teaspoon Sweet Basil
1/4 Bunch of Cilantro – Finely Chopped (Or about 3 Tablespoons dry, but wont be at potent)
1/2 Teaspoon Sea Salt
1/2 teaspoon Black Pepper

Mix it all together and allow to sit for 30m before eating.

Tip: Add to a grilled chicken (after 1 turn), eat solo, dip your favorite cracker or chip, or top some bread. Brochette is a fairly versatile.


When Good Enough Isn’t Enough


Back aching, sweat dripping down my face, and hands cramped I worked tirelessly to prepare my cast iron patio set that we salvaged from the fire and has since been sitting derelict rusting over the past many months.  The heat caused a great deal of the enamel and paint to simply melt off.  There were also flung bits of plastic strewn down in many places from the spitting fire.  It was a literal pain.  It is one of those jobs that you think wont be too bad, until you stand bent over half way holding your fingers in the same position doing the same up and down motion for over an hour.  At that point?  It becomes too real of a difficult task, indeed.

What exactly does good enough mean?  When we reach a point of saying “It is good enough” we could be in 2 different mind sets.  Either we’re exhausted with whatever we’re giving up on, or we simply can’t do it anymore.  Either way, we’ve decided for whatever rationale that we have we’re done trying.  Finished.  Fertig.  Finito.  Fini.  I think you get the point.

Often it really is time to stop and throw in the towel.  Some times we can start to obsess over things and feel compelled to keep going when it is no longer healthy for us.  This can cover a very broad spectrum of categories.  Relationships, household chores, eating habits, hobbies, and exercise are just to name a few.  I don’t intend to really dig deep into obsession right now, but it is important to understand when you’re obsessed or just driven.  You should always been asking yourself what the difference is and where you stand.

I couldn’t take it anymore.  I had to stop.  I chipped off what I could get off and decided to just coat everything nice and thick with the rustoleum and move on.  I needed a rest.  It was good enough.  Or was it?  Moments after the paint began to dry peeling started to happen.  Much to my great surprise the paint re-hydrated the former original enamel and paint which caused flaking to occur.  Okay, so, what do I do here?  Sand it ALL once again?  Yeah, nope, not going to happy buddy.  I just picked off the flakes and added a little more paint over those places until all of the flaking stopped.  Good enough?  Well, suitable for my needs anyway.

I ended up making more work for myself in the long run and used far more paint than I intended.  My good enough really just was not enough.  I needed to press on and finish the job correctly.  However, I gave in.  Sure I was sore, tired, and hot.  The problem really boiled down to the fact that I was trying to do a two day job in one.  I should have planned better or tucked the chairs away somewhere so that they wouldn’t get wet over night.  Instead, I gave up and paid for it in other ways.

Too many times in our lives we give up too soon.  We decided it is good enough too often and too easily.  Eventually we get into the habit of giving up before we’ve actually tried to do anything at all.  Don’t get offended with me, but I’m going to use exercise as an example here.   People find a million and one reasons to not exercise.  I have asthma, I don’t have time, I don’t like to sweat, I don’t like being sore, and yadayadayada so on and so forth.  I’m sure that you’ve heard and likely said some of these and others yourself.  Am I right?  I know I’ve dropped a few of these bombs to excuse my lack of trying.

News flash – I do have asthma and my medication doesn’t suddenly make me able to move like I wish that I could, so I pace myself according to the ability I know I have.  I don’t have time, usually, to set aside for workouts.  How do I get around that?  I do popcorn exercise.  If I have a few moments here and there during the day I throw something in there just to move for the sake of it.  The more you move the easier the harder stuff is later.  I hate sweating.  I mean, I REALLY hate to sweat.  When I get sweaty I suddenly feel stressed out.  I can feel my entire body tense up with the smallest bead dripping from my brow.  What did I do for this one?  I wear headbands.  Yeap.  I went through a few brands until I found a good one and some times I even change it mid exercise.  It is all about making sure that I’m comfortable.  I also wear workout cloths religiously.  If I’m intending to move I put the right thing on.  I detest being sore.  I can’t stand when I’m so sore that I can’t function the way I want to the next day.  It actually drives me insane.  If you really look at what I’ve said you’ll see working out really stresses me out a great deal.  I have to prepare myself mentally before I can even get myself moving.  However, once I decide I’m going to do it, I give it my all.  I don’t have a “good enough” setting when it comes to exercise.  I have a “go until you’re about to die” mode and that is it.  That mindset has gotten me to some amazing personal milestones and trouble too.

I’m trying to challenge you to take a look at your life.  Is there an aspect where you’re saying that it is “good enough” and stop trying when you know you still can?  It doesn’t have to be anything I’ve even listed here.  It can be anything at all.  At the end of the day you don’t want to end up with flaking rustoleum like I did.  Things we don’t give our best and all to tend to have a way of sneaking back up on us with consequences.  Some times it looks like extra mopping when we skip parts on the floor or rewashing the laundry we gave up folding and it got dirty again.  On the other hand, it could be more serious like giving up on eating well or exercise.  Even still it could be the face of not trying to communicate with others or disregarding your own thoughts and feelings, because it is difficult.

Take the challenge and take a look at what you might be giving up on too soon.

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