The Storm That Never Came

Eating dinner in a relaxed mood we start to hear runbles off in the distance.  Casually we assume it is passing by, as it didn’t seem to be getting closer.  However, suddenly the sky got dark and we were prompted to check the weather.  There it was.  A giant red cell on the map headed right for us.  Out mood switched gears and we began to ready ourselves for the storm now fast approaching.  We were tent camping and just about to start a fire.

Quickly we got in gear.  Working together as if one organism to tend to every detail.  We even got the fire wood under shelter.

The sky grew darker and the wind picked up.  The heavens werrle ready to burst open.  The rain was coming.  We were prepared.

Out of no where the dark threatening sky started to glow rose gold.  The wind quieted down.  The thunder continued to roll in the distance and we were baffled.  We ventured back out of our shelter.  A flimsy thin breathable tarp that separated us from the ravaging effects of nature.  It was a tent, a beautiful large one, but a tent none the less.

We brought up the radar and low and behold the storm wrapped around us.  It was if we were in a protected buble blocking the tumultuous weather from entering our domain.  We were spared.

How often in life do we believe so hard that something is going to happen a specific way and we male plans upon plans for it going just like that?  I’d venture that it is more often and not.  Some times it is worse, different, or much better.

The key is go roll with the punches and expect that things can’t be expected.  Time was spent making sure those around us knew the impending storm was in fact on its way towards us when the radar was telling us so.  Egg got on our faces.  You know what?  I’d rather be wrong about the weather while camping and have prepared for the worst and potentially help others than ignore it and end up getting stuck in a tough spot.

What is the ever so brief moral of my story?  Don’t be so afraid that you can’t actually live and never be so unconcerned with life that you miss half of the point of it.  Loving others and enjoying yourself as you go day by day.

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Until next time, be blessed!

The Sedentary Momma


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